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  • 2022.3.0
  • 09/27/2022
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Test with docker-compose

You easily can run multi-container applications on various Intel Platforms by importing docker compose YAML files hosted on external Github repositories. Common docker-compose configurations such as
are also supported.
Make sure to place a single docker-compose file in the root of the repo as the container-playground portal will look for the first available
in your git repo.

Navigate to Docker Compose

Use your
view to access the
+Import Resources
option and select
Docker Compose

Configure Import

  1. Enter the configuration of the source code repository.
    • GIT Repo URL
      : Enter the root browser url of your source code repository
    • Private
      : Check to import from private repository
    • Secret
      : For private repos, select an existing secret or create one using the
      +Create New Secret
      option. Enter your
      Secret Name
      , git account
      and the
      Git Token
      To generate a secret, navigate to your github account
      Developer Settings
      Personal Access Tokens
      Generate New Token
      and ensure
      repo access
      is enabled. Your one-time token will be generated in the next page.
    on the bottom-right.
  2. Enter a unique
    Resource Name
    to indentify your docker-compose resource in the Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge portal and proceed to the next page with
  3. The container Playground portal will show the modified changes of your original docker-compose file required to run successfully inside your Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge account.
    You must select an existing project or create one with
    +Create New Project
    option to associate your imported resource.
  4. (Optional) Check the
    Enable Routes
    option to additonally configure browser accessible url for a service port specified in your docker-compose file.
  5. After assigning a project, use the
    My Library
    on the bottom to return to the My-Library view.
To launch your project, see Select Hardware and Launch Containers.
Try out the above flow with the pre-configured git repository containing an example docker-compose file:
  • GIT Repo URL:
  • Resource Name:
  • Assign the resource to a new project
    on the changes comparison page.
Use the dashboard view to see log output of ovms-server container serving a detection model and ovms-client container performing multiple grpc inference requests. The ovms-server will be in running state until stopped and the ovms-client container will reach

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