Developer Guide

  • 2022.3.0
  • 09/27/2022
  • Public Content

Select Hardware and Launch Containers

Access the Launch Option

Navigate to your
tab under the
My Library
view and use the
icon next to your project name to proceed to the selection of target hardware.

Configure Target Hardware

Select a
target platform family
and a processor from the list of
platform configurations
. You can also multi-select up to 3 processors and launch simultaneously.

Your active project can be monitored from the Dashboard view. The status of your project can be in Queued, Deploying, Running, Completed, Failed or Error states.

See the View status, output and performance section to further analyze your project.
If your program running inside the container is utilizing the GPU, and you target a processor that supports an integrated GPU the Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge portal will auto-enable GPU access. No other code changes are required.
To dynamically benchmark your application without changing your code and rebuilding your container, you can optionally leverage the environment variables passed in runtime to switch between CPU or GPU before launching, see Configure imported containers.

Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at