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  • 2022.3.0
  • 09/27/2022
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Import containers from registries

You can bring your existing linux containers from Docker Hub, Red Hat, Amazon ECR, Azure, Google container registries. To reuse containers without fetching them everytime or associate the same container across multiple projects, a private registry is also provided for your Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge account.

Navigate to Container from Registry

Use your
view to access the
+Import Resources
option and select
Container from Registry
First, select the target project from the drop down to associate containers to be imported. If you don’t have a project already, use the
+Create New Project
option to continue importing from an internal or external registry.

Import from external registry

Enter the required details for importing from a
container registry.
  • Container Url:
    Repository URL with a tag, e.g. for docker hub
  • Add this to internal registry:
    To reimport the container quickly in another project.
  • Container Name:
    Unique identifier to recognize across other Container Playground views.
To import from a
registry, ensure
is checked and enter the additional details.
  • Registry Server URL:
    e.g. for docker hub private repository
  • Username:
    username used to log in to your registry
  • Password:
    your private registry password
  • The Url for AWS will be in the form of
    for Azure.
  • To import from AWS ECR private registry, first make sure your IAM user is assigned AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryReadOnly and above policy. Retrieve the
    Access Key ID
    Secret Access Key
    and use the aws configure command using the aws cli to login locally. Finally, retrieve the
    AWS ECR token
    using the command
    aws ecr get-login-password –region <region>
    which must be entered in the
  • To import from Azure ACR private registry, setup and retrieve the
    Access Keys
    from the Azure portal.

Import from internal registry

Use this option to select a container previously imported with the
Add this to internal registry
option. Check all the containers from list of containers you would like to associate with this project.
on the bottom right to view the list of containers associated with the current project. You can also continue importing additional containers with
+Add new Containers
Try out the above flow with docker hello-world container from dockerhub registry:
  • Project Name:
  • (Import From External Registry) Container Url:
  • Container Name:
Use the
View Logs
option to see the console output of the container.

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