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  • 2022.3.0
  • 09/27/2022
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Configure imported containers

Navigate to Configure

While importing containers from registry use the
option. You can also configure at a future time by navigating to
My Library
view and clicking on
icon under
next to your project.

Container Configurations

For each container in your project, you can individually configure:
  • Port:
    Expose ports for multi-container communication. Use
    to apply.
  • Enable Routes (Toggle)
    : First toggle-on and then add a port above to ensure a
    is shown to enable browser accessible URL. (maximum 1)
  • Labels:
    Create labels to keep a track of custom configurations of an imported container across projects.
  • Entry Point:
    Use to override the default entrypoint.
  • Output Mount Point:
    Retrieve result data from the container to preview later in your filesystem.
  • Volume Binder > Filesystem Path:
    Path on the Intel® Developer Cloud for the Edge filesystem (maximum 5)
  • Volume Binder > Input Mount Point:
    Path inside the container (maximum 5)
  • Dependency:
    In multi-container scenarios select the other dependent containers that must be running before this container begins running.
  • Configuration Parameters:
    Pass runtime container
    environment variables
    for dynamic container configurations e.g.,
    -e VAR1=VALUE1 -e VAR2=VALUE2
    . For alternate entrypoint parameters, also referred to as
    command args
    , use docker-compose or helm-charts instead.
  • Make sure to check for valid configurations such as mount points to avoid unexpected launch failures.
  • Valid paths cannot contain spaces.
You can also reorder the sequence of running containers associated with a project by dragging the specific container around.
My Library
to launch from your projects tab, see Select Hardware and Launch Containers.

Container-to-Container Communication

To enable container communication inside a project, use
Container Name
and replace
as the address to connect to. e.g., for resource name
, provide
in the client container program to establish a connection
You can also enable container communication across target platforms using the above mechanism by launching multiple projects.

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