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  • 2022.3.0
  • 09/27/2022
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About containers, helm-charts and docker-compose


Applications with minimal dependencies are packaged and distributed in the form of read-only snapshot container images to ensure your target system environment is always ready to run your application. A running instance of the container image is commonly referred to as a container. This guide and the Container Playground will use
build a container
run a container
to simplify and clarify the target use.


Containers are built with dockerfiles that describe all the commands that contribute to the contents (application source, executable, scripts and dependencies) of the container image. For interactive development, the Container Playground coding environment provides
with usage similar to the docker commands to build your containers from dockerfiles.

Helm-charts and Docker-Compose

The container playground supports docker-compose, a YAML file describing configurations to deploy one or more container applications. Alternatively, you can deploy with Helm-charts - a popular mechanism to share, install, and upgrade applications on container orchestration systems like Kubernetes.
With just a few clicks, you can also use the web user-interface to build containers from your application source code and run your applications on Intel® hardware without any prior knowledge of dockerfiles, docker-compose or helm-charts.

Product and Performance Information


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