• 2021.4
  • 09/27/2021
  • Public Content

Known Issues

  • Inferior calls (invocation of kernel functions from inside the debugger for expression evaluation) are not supported.
  • Defining a breakpoint at a location before a kernel (i.e. inside the host code) causes the breakpoint to be also defined at the start of the kernel. This is analogous to defining a breakpoint at a comment line or an empty line and the breakpoint being defined for the next source line.
  • If the current SIMD lane becomes inactive within a thread, the thread might silently switch its current SIMD lane to its first active SIMD lane.
  • The
    commands may take several seconds to complete execution.

Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at www.Intel.com/PerformanceIndex.