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  • 10/27/2020
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Linux Tools

The Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) SDK provides a Generic Host Application, which implements the same flow as the Windows* version, and a sample for Linux* host application development. They are located in the
folder. To use them, you must have a platform with a supporting firmware image plus a Linux operating system with the Intel® DAL Host Interface Service (Intel® DAL HIS) (JHI) Daemon installed.

Generic Host Application

The Generic Host Application works on both real hardware and in the emulation mode. The applied mode is defined by the JHI communication interface.
Currently the Generic Host Application exposes only the graphical user interface.

Host Application Sample

The Host Application Sample is a simple Linux host application that does the following:
  • Loads the trusted application you packaged into the Intel DAL virtual machine (DAL VM).
  • Communicates with the trusted application.
It uses the legacy JHI APIs and runs over the user space.
This sample attempts to load a default TA named echo.dalp and located under /tmp/dal. You can find this
file under the Include folder and copy it to
to run this sample.
The sample includes the source code and an executable file which was compiled on Linux Yocto distribution 64bit OS.
In order to re-build the sample code, you will need to:
  • Install
  • Run inside
    cmake .
The output folder is

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