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  • 10/27/2020
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Intel® EPID 1.1 Signing Sample

This sample demonstrates how to use Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL) for signing data with the Intel® Enhanced Privacy ID (Intel® EPID) signing algorithm.
This sample is applicable for API level 4 and above.
The sample does the following:
  • Makes the platform prove its membership in a specific Intel EPID group.
  • Verifies that specific data was signed by an Intel® DAL platform with membership in a specific Intel EPID group.
Intel EPID 1.1 Provisioning is a prerequisite for Intel EPID signing.
Before running the sample, make sure the server is running. To run the server, locate the SDK installation on your disk and double-click
Then run the project.
The components of the sample:
  • Trusted Application - indicates whether the Intel EPID 1.1 provisioning process was already performed on this platform; sets the nonce that will be signed as a part of the signature; and signs the received message using the key currently stored by the instance.
  • Host Application - communicates with the trusted application and server.
  • Server - verifies the signature according to the platform Intel EPID groupID.

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