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  • 10/27/2020
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This page provides an overview of how timers work in Intel® Dynamic Application Loader (Intel® DAL). For details and guidelines on how to implement timers in your applet, see
Timer Guidelines
Intel DAL supports setting asynchronous callbacks which can be called at certain times, i.e., timers.
The accuracy of Intel DAL timers is limited to milliseconds and might be dependent on the execution of other trusted application and context switches.  Therefore, trusted applications should:
  • Never base high-resolution time calculations on timers.
  • Not use timers that expire very quickly, e.g., within several milliseconds.
  • Assume that a timer will not be called ahead of its time
For accurate results with no significant drift, a trusted application should use the
The maximum number of “running timers” is 16. 
Supported from API level 2

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