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  • 10/27/2020
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Secure Storage

Intel® DAL supports a small amount of storage for trusted applications on internal flash. Each applet is guaranteed to have 256 bytes.
This storage should not be used for general trusted application storage, but only for sensitive information that will compromise the trusted application if lost.
If you require a larger storage space, please contact the Intel DAL team for approval.
An applet can encrypt data for general storage by using the Pbind key and can use monotonic counters for anti-replay protection.
1. Multi-instance trusted applications have access to the same data (either on flash or encrypted on host). 2. This data is lost after clear-CMOS/Coin-battery removal and after Return To Factory Defaults (RTFD) operation – if data is important (e.g., user data), it should be backed up elsewhere with a different key.
See Secure Storage Guidelines for details on performing read and write operations on files protected against replay attacks. 
​See the Protected Storage sample for more details.

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