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  • 10/27/2020
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Intel® AMT

Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Features

Intel® DAL makes use of the following features of Intel AMT:
  • Intel AMT provisioning
  • Environment detection
For information on Intel AMT, refer to the Intel AMT SDK.
For details on how to utilize these features, refer to the following classes in the Intel DAL API Reference:

Intel AMT Provisioning

Intel DAL can be used to provision Intel AMT on the platform.
The Intel AMT states are:
  • PRE
    : Not provisioned
  • IN
    : In the middle of a provisioning process (CCM or ACM)
  • POST
    : After a provisioning process (CCM or ACM)
The Intel DAL API Reference provides an interface to perform provisioning of Intel AMT in ACM mode. Full provisioning (ACM - Admin Control Mode) can be accomplished from CCM (Client Control Mode - partial provisioning) or from NONE (not provisioned mode).
(full unprovision) will move the Intel AMT state to NONE (not provisioned mode).
For details on the interface for provisioning of Intel AMT, see

Environment Detection

Intel AMT devices on mobile platforms typically operate in two distinct network environments: Enterprise networks and Non-Enterprise networks such as public hot spots or home networks. The Environment Detection feature is used to discover the type of network in which the computer is operating. To enable Intel AMT to detect the network environment it is currently operating in, the Environment Detection feature should be configured properly via the Intel AMT configuration interface.
For more information about the Environment Detection feature, see the section on Environment Detection in the Intel AMT SDK.
For details on configuring the Environment Detection feature, see
Response Code
Intel AMT is not provisioned
Intel AMT is provisioned but location is not configured
Location is configured, user is within domain
Location is configured, user is behind VPN
Host VPN is returned when HostVPN is enabled in firmware, system is outside the enterprise and the host connectivity has a matching domain name to the one of Environment detection domains.
Location is configured, user is not in domain
Location is configured to domain x.x, user renames their home router’s domain to be x.x
Intel® Management Engine (Intel® ME) is configured with a static IP
Intel ME does not have an IP address
Intel ME does not have enough information to decide whether it is In or Out.
Can happen at boot time till Intel ME gets an IP, or if there is some problem with the environment.

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