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How it Works

Converged Edge Insights
is a set of pre-validated components, designed to accelerate the development and deployment of solutions that run at the network and enterprise edge, in any cloud framework, in networks managed by any service provider.
Converged Edge Insights
fosters open collaboration and application innovation with software and tools that make it easier to set up, configure, and install the Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) toolkit in Network Edge Mode, building the infrastructure to deploy, monitor, and orchestrate virtualized applications on edge devices.
Converged Edge Insights
, developers can engage with a broad ecosystem of hardware and software vendors and solutions integrators to develop new 5G and edge use cases and services
This section provides an overview of the modules and services featured with
Converged Edge Insights

Modules and Services

Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS)
An OpenNESS subsystem consists of one or more OpenNESS Edge Nodes and an OpenNESS Edge Controller that hosts OpenNESS microservices.
The Edge Node hosts a set of OpenNESS microservices, edge compute applications and network functions. The Edge Controller provides a web UI for managing edge compute applications hosted on Edge Nodes.
OpenNESS will be deployed in Network Edge mode, with Edge Nodes in facilities opened by a network operator (e.g., a central office, a Regional Data Center), and part of a data network, including access network (4G, 5GNR), core network (EPC, NGC), and edge computing infrastructure owned by a network operator. This network connects multiple Edge Nodes deployed at large scale.
In this environment, OpenNESS leverages Kubernetes-based cloud-native container orchestration capabilities to deploy an edge cloud to host applications, services, and network functions.
Converged Edge Insights
includes the following OpenNESS version to onboard and manage applications and network functions.
  • The open source distribution of OpenNESS 20.12
  • OpenNESS Edge Applications 20.12 -
    Sample Application
Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
Converged Edge Insights
includes the for developing and optimizing AI and computer vision applications. The
toolkit maximizes performance and extends workloads across Intel hardware, including accelerators.
Converged Edge Insights
provides the following
versions to optimize inferencing on your edge IoT device:
  • Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit
    2021.1 LTS
    in a container builds Docker* images for the
    toolkit in a container.
Cloud Edge Connectors
Converged Edge Insights
features Amazon Web Services* (AWS) Greengrass to connect edge devices with the cloud and with each other. AWS* Greengrass installs the following packages to enable local data collection, analysis, and communication for your AWS-connected edge devices.
  • AWS* Greengrass Core software in a container.

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