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Introduction to the Edge Software Command Line Interface (CLI)

is a command line interface (CLI) that helps you manage packages on the
Intel Edge Software Hub
This guide describes the CLI commands and their usage. In this guide you will:
  • Try out commands and get familiar with the CLI and the package you installed.
  • Learn to update modules.
  • Learn to install custom components.
  • Learn to export the package you installed, including custom modules, so you can install it on other Edge Nodes.

Get Started with the

Use the information in this section to try out the
CLI commands.
To begin:
  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Go to the
  3. Try out the following commands.
Get Help or List the Available Commands
  • Command:
    ./edgesoftware --help
  • Response:
    Usage: edgesoftware [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]... A CLI wrapper for management of Intel® Edge Software Hub packages Options: -v, --version Show the version number and exit. ––help Show this message and exit. Commands: export Exports the modules of a package. install Install modules of a package. list List the modules of a package. log Show log of CLI events. update Update the modules of a package.
View the Software Version
  • Command:
    ./edgesoftware --version
  • Response: The
    version, build date, and target OS.
List the Package Modules
  • Command:
    ./edgesoftware list
  • Response: The modules installed and status.
List Modules Available for Download
  • Command:
    ./edgesoftware list --default
  • Response: All modules available for download for that package version, modules ID and version.
Display the CLI Event Log
  • Command:
    ./edgesoftware log
  • Response: CLI event log information, such as:
    • Edge Controller System
      information (hardware and software)
    • system health
    • installation status
    • modules you can install
See the Installation Event Log for a Module
  • Command:
    ./edgesoftware log <MODULE_ID>
    You can specify multiple
    arguments by listing them with a space between each.
    To find the module ID, use
    ./edgesoftware list
  • Response: The installation log for the module.

Summary and Next Steps

By following this guide, you tried a few commands to familiarize yourself with the features of the

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