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  • 08/07/2015
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Analyzing an MPI Application

Use Intel® Trace Analyzer to conduct a performance analysis and tune MPI communications between processes. Then switch to the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE to carry out a new round of analysis and identify hotspots on specific processes.
This tutorial uses the
sample code as well as the sample trace files
to demonstrate the interoperability of the Intel Trace Analyzer and Intel VTune Amplifier XE that enables you to analyze and further tune the application.
  • Detect serialization in Function Profile and Message Profile.
  • Find imbalance on the inter-process level by comparing the original application with the idealized one.
  • Remove serialization.
  • Identify hotspots on the intra-process level.
  • Interpret the collected data to find MPI processes in the workload and find possible ways to resolve the issue.

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