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Intel® AMT Related Software

Intel® Setup and Configuration Software 11

Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) is a tool collection of software components and utilities developed by Intel. You can use Intel SCS to discover, configure, and maintain Intel® products and capabilities on the platforms in your network. Intel SCS includes these components:
  • Remote Configuration Service (RCS) – The RCS is a Windows* based service that runs on a computer in the network. The RCS can process configuration requests sent by the other Intel SCS components. In database mode, the RCS also handles storage of data collected and sent to the RCS by other Intel SCS components.
  • Intel® Setup and Configuration Service Console (Intel® SCS Console) – The Intel SCS Console is the user interface to the RCS. You can use the Intel SCS Console to create and edit configuration profiles for supported Intel products and capabilities. In database mode, the Intel SCS Console also lets you view data about Intel products that were sent to the RCS. Database mode also includes additional options for Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). These options include monitoring Intel AMT systems and creating and running jobs on multiple Intel AMT systems.
  • Configurator – The Configurator (ACUConfig.exe) is used to configure Intel AMT (only) and runs locally on each Intel AMT system. You can use the Configurator to configure the system locally or send a configuration request to the RCS.
  • Intel® AMT Configuration Utility – This utility (ACUWizard.exe) is a wizard that you can use to quickly configure individual systems or create XML profiles for host-based configuration using the Configurator. This utility does not interface with the RCS and cannot be used to send requests or data to the RCS. 
  • Discovery Utility – The Discovery Utility (SCSDiscovery.exe) can be used to get detailed data about Intel AMT (only). This utility does not interface with the RCS. (The Configurator CLI includes a <SystemDiscovery> command that does interface with the RCS.)
  • Solutions Framework – The Solutions Framework extends the capability of Intel SCS to discover and configure other Intel products in addition to Intel AMT. 
  • Platform Discovery Utility – The Platform Discovery Utility (PlatformDiscovery.exe) is used to discover which Intel products and capabilities exist on your platforms. This utility returns top-level data about the hardware and software of each Intel product that exists on your platforms. You can use this data to determine which Intel products you can enable on your platforms, and which software or hardware updates are required.
  • Encryption Utility – The Encryption Utility (SCSEncryption.exe) is used to encrypt/decrypt XML files used by Intel SCS.
Download Location for Intel SCS

Intel® vPro™ Platform Solution Manager

The Intel® vPro® Platform Solution Manager is a framework application that allows you to launch plugin applications to remotely manage your Intel® vPro™ technology-based clients.
Intel vPro Platform Solution Manager comes with several preconfigured plugins, which perform tasks such as power management, KVM Remote Control, and system defense, among others.

Mesh Commander

Mesh Commander is an entirely web-based tool for remote management of your Intel AMT computers. Using this tool, Intel AMT can be managed entirely from a browser, opening up many possibilities and making it significantly easier to take advantage of hardware management provided by Intel vPro technology.
Built-in support for KVM, SOL, and IDE-R along with logs, configuration options, and much more means you have full access to Intel AMT features in a single place.
This tool is available as a standalone download, with two installation options:
  • As an IIS website. By setting up the IIS version of the tool, people can access Intel AMT features without installing anything; just navigate to a web address. 
  • NodeJS. By installing Mesh Commander as an executable, it makes the software very portable and simplifies installation.
Mesh Commander is replacing the Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit (MDTK), making Intel AMT more web friendly. The download package includes the source code and samples so you can build your own web-based Intel AMT tools. Developer support is supplied via MeshCommander.com.
Download Location: Mesh Commander


A set of open source tools for management of computers that support Intel AMT. This package includes many tools and source code for developers interested in building their own application or users who want to learn about Intel AMT. The source is compiled using Visual Studio* 2010, and all of the tools run in true 64 bit on platforms that support it. When possible, these tools have been enhanced to make use of the peer-to-peer networking system also available on http://meshcommander.com.
Note that the MDTK is being replaced with Mesh Commander as part of the work to make Intel AMT more web friendly.
Download Location: Open MDTK

MeshCentral 2

This is a remote computer management web site you can download and run in minutes. It's much like the original MeshCentral, but completely re-built using Node JS.
MeshCentral 2 is easy to install and operate, and runs on many platforms including Linux* and Windows. This project is open source under the Apache* 2.0 license. This project is currently very early in development; not currently(as of 10/2016) recommended for real-world use.
Download Location: MeshCentral 2


A generic peer-to-peer mesh networking project. This small agent software is installed on many computers, forming a mesh of computers, with each one monitoring the other and propagating information about nodes efficiently. Once meshed, a set of manageability tools can be used to discover computers on the mesh and manage them. This project is open source under the Apache 2.0 license.
Download Location: Mesh Central
*No product or component can be absolutely secure.

Product and Performance Information


Performance varies by use, configuration and other factors. Learn more at www.Intel.com/PerformanceIndex.