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Error Message: Stack Size Is Too Small


When you run a Survey or a Suitability analysis, the following error message appears:
Stack size provided to sigaltstack is too small. Please increase the stack size to 64K minimum
This message is for Linux* OS only.


When setting up a
signal handler, the
Intel® Advisor
configures the signals to use the alternative stack size with the
API. This verifies that its signal handler does not depend on the profiled application stack size. If the application uses an alternative signal stack, the
Intel Advisor
requires it to be not less than 64 KB.
However, if the application uses the
constant for the alternative stack size (which is 8192 bytes), the data collection may terminate with the error message.

Possible Solution

This solution is applicable only to the Survey and Suitability analyses.
Configure the
Intel Advisor
so that it does not set up the alternative stack and uses the stack provided by the application. Do one of the following:
  • When collecting data with
    command line interface (CLI), pass the
    option to the tool. For example, for the
    advisor --collect=survey --run-pass-thru=--no-altstack -- ./mmult
  • Before collecting data from the Intel Advisor GUI or CLI, set the environment variable

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