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Problem: Debug Information Not Available


After running the
Intel® Advisor
analysis, the displayed report may contain information about your target's debug (symbol) information that is unexpected or does not make sense.


When debug information is not available, the ability to use binary-to-source correlation prevents the display of source code. One or more of the following might occur only for the calls into third-party library routine code for which library sources are not available to the project:
  • After running the Survey tool, a message may appear near the top of the
    Survey Report
    window indicating
    Some target modules do not contain debug information
    . After viewing the message and writing down module names that lack debug information, you can click the red in the top-right corner to close it.
  • When viewing a
    window, a column that should contain a
    location or a
    function name
    instead contains the target's
    in square brackets,
    , a question mark
    , or is blank. Also, a broken or missing icon can indicate that sources are not available, such as , Focus code location source code not available icon 
				  , Related code location source code not available icon 
				  , or for a Survey loop.
  • When viewing a
    window, a column that should contain source code or a source location instead contains
    source is not available
    Intel Advisor cannot show source code for this location
    message instead of the expected data. Also, a broken or missing icon can indicate that sources are not available (listed above).
  • When viewing a
    window, the
    Call Stack
    indicates that sources are not available for the starting (top) line, such as containing a broken icon (listed above).
  • In a context menu, the items
    View Source
    Edit Source
    may appear as dimmed.
However, if your application calls library functions, you should expect to see some symptoms about sources not being available. For example, the C/C++ sample application
calls certain library functions to calculate standard deviation or similar values. Because the source code for the library functions is not available, you will see that source code is not available within the called library functions, but is available for the related project source files. In this case, see the help topic Sources Not Available.


The most common causes are:
  • The build option(s) did not request debug information when building the target executable. Debug information must be present for
    Intel® Advisor
    tools to display source information. When building native code targets, specify the appropriate compiler and linker options to ensure the target executable contains debug information.
  • The appropriate project properties in the
    Intel® Advisor
    GUI did not provide the correct binary/symbol or source locations.

Possible Solution

  • Do the following:
    1. Check the build settings for the target to ensure they specify debug information option(s).
    2. Adjust your makefile
      , Microsoft Visual Studio* project properties,
      or build script to specify debug information option(s).
    3. Rebuild the target.
    4. Run the
      Intel® Advisor
      analysis tool(s) again.
  • If you are using the
    Intel® Advisor
    GUI, check the
    Project Properties
    dialog to make sure that:
    • Binary and symbol files are specified in the
      Binary/Symbol Search
    • Source locations are specified in the
      Source Search
  • Investigate other possible causes, such as the compiler not generating debug information for a source line or the source file, the linker not including debug information in the debug information database, or whether the debug information database was not being found during the finalization step by an
    Intel® Advisor
    analysis tool. For example, the last issue can occur if the debug information database was not moved to the location with the target executable.
For the most current information on optimal C/C++ and Fortran build settings, see Build Your Target Application.

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