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Configure Target Application

Intel® Advisor
supports targets:
  • Developed to run on Windows* or Linux* operating systems using the
    Intel® oneAPI
    Intel® C++ Compiler Classic
    Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic
    , or GNU*
    compiler development environment
  • That use C/C++, Fortran, or mixed Python* code for the portions that will run in parallel.
  • That use SYCL, OpenCL™, or OpenMP* with
    pragma omp target
    (for C++) or
    directive omp target
    (for Fortran) code
The target executable must contain source symbol table debug information, so the
Intel® Advisor
can provide source line correlation and viewing sources.
To analyze an application with the
Intel® Advisor
, the application should take longer than 500 milliseconds to execute on CPU or GPU. If your application execution time is lower, it might cause inaccurate data sampling or a
No data is collected
Before you start profiling your application and applying changes that should increase performance, you can configure the application as follows to optimize it for analyses:

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