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Window: Offload Modeling Summary

After running
Offload Modeling
, consider using
Offload Modeling
window to view the most important information about your code, total estimated speed-up achieved by offloading, top offloaded and non-offloaded loops, program metrics, and fraction of accelerated code. Run
Offload Modeling
perspective to open the window.
You can drag/drop, expand/collapse the panes to customize view of your
Offload Modeling

Top Metrics Pane

Use this pane to view information about estimated acceleration of your code achieved by offloading.
  • View the estimated speed up of your code in elation to its original execution time in
    Speed Up for Accelerated Code
  • View the estimated speed up achieved by offloading loops and functions that take the longest execution time in the
    Amdahl's Law Speed Up
  • View the fraction of accelerated code relative to the total time of the original program in the
    Fraction of Accelerated Code
  • View the number of offloaded functions/loops in the
    Number of Offloads

Program Metrics Pane

Use this pane to view the information about host and target platforms and identify if your code is profitable to offload to a target platform. Compare Total Time of original code and Total Time of accelerated code.

Offload Bounded By Pane

Identify the factors that prevent your code from achieving better performance on a target device. The information is represented in a list and in a diagram that helps you visualize the results.

Top Offloaded Pane

This pane enlists the top 5 functions and loops that are the most profitable to offload to a target device. Use this pane to do the following:
  • View top offloaded functions and loops in the
    tab and open them in Accelerated Regions window by double-clicking their names.
  • View the loop/function speed up on host and target devices in the
    Speed Up
  • View the factors preventing the loop/function from achieving better performance in the
    Estimated Bounded By
  • View data transfer overhead for the selected loop/function in the
    Estimated Data Transfer

Top Non-Offloaded Pane

View the top five non-offloaded code regions, performance metrics, and the reason why they were not offloaded. Hover over a histogram in the Execution Time column to see time breakdown with color legend. Click a code region to open it in the
Non-Offloaded Regions
window. For details about reasons for not offloading and possible solutions view the
Why Not Offloaded

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