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Annotations in a Text Editor

To add
Intel® Advisor
annotations into your source files on a Linux* system, you can use any text editor.
Intel® Advisor
simplifies the process of locating where to add annotations.
In most cases, you do not need source annotations when using
Intel® Advisor
, except for the Suitability analysis of the
perspective. When analyzing your application with other perspectives, such as
Vectorization and Code Insights
Offload Modeling
, you can analyze all parts of your code automatically or use
Intel Advisor
mark-up capabilities, which do not require you to recompile your application.
To add
Intel® Advisor
  1. Open the
    Intel® Advisor
    GUI and the relevant project.
  2. In the
    menu, select
  3. Select
    to display the
    Options - Editor
    dialog box. Follow the instructions to associate an editor with your source language(s).
  4. For your project, open the
    Survey Source
  5. Double-click a source line to display the specified editor opened to the corresponding source location.
  6. Use the annotation assistant pane in the lower part of the
    Survey Source
    window to select the type of annotation you want to add.
  7. Copy the selected annotations from the annotation assistant pane by clicking the button.
  8. Paste the copied annotations into your editor.
  9. You may need to move some annotation lines around.
  10. Repeat as needed for other annotations from step 4.
This enables you to quickly add annotations into the appropriate source files.

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