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Saving a Graph to a File

When a graph is in a consistent state and all the major issues are addressed, save it to a file:
  • Save the graph to a GraphML* file by clicking the
    icon on the toolbar. GraphML format is an open-standard file format for representing graphs.
    You can return to the graph later time to modify its topology and data types.
    See the Generating C++ Stubs section for details on how to save the graph to C++ code form.
  • Save the graph to a PNG image by clicking the
    Generate Image
    icon on the toolbar. The image is saved to the same directory where the corresponding GraphML file is saved.
When you load a
file for the first time, the tool computes many pieces of information such as performance metrics and graph layout positions. This information computation can be expensive, and it is recommended that you save the graph after this first load. This information is saved in a
file and provides caching benefits that enable the tool to exhibit better performance on subsequent loads of the same
You may be asked if you wish to save the
files after load even if no interaction or modification took place. This is due to the tool running the layout algorithm on the graph to display it in an intuitive manner.

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