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Offload Modeling Command Line Reference

This reference section describes the command line options available for each of the Python* scripts that you can use to run the
Offload Modeling
To use the
Offload Modeling
, run one or two of the following scripts, depending on a method you chose:
  • Use script to collect performance data and model performance on a target device using a single command with a set of default recommended settings.
  • Use to collect baseline performance data for your application on a host device.
  • Use to model your application performance on a target device.
: In the commands below, make sure to replace the
with your application executable path and name
executing a command. If your application requires additional command line options, add them
the executable name.

Command Syntax

The syntax for
Offload Modeling
commands is as follows:
advisor-python <APM>/<script-name>.py <project-dir> [--options] [-- <target> [target-options]]
A call to the
Intel® Advisor
Python* command line tool.
is recommended to run the scripts. The main advantage of using this command line tool is that it does not require you to install a specific Python version on your system because it calls to an internal Python version of the
Intel Advisor
The environment variable that points to the directory with the scripts. Replace it with:
  • $APM
    on Linux* OS
  • %APM%
    on Windows* OS
A script name to run:
, or
The path to a project directory to save collection results.
Options to modify behavior specific to the script. You can specify several options per script. Using an option not supported by the script causes a usage error.
A target application to analyze.
You do not need to specify a target executable and target options when running the
Options to modify target application behavior.

Syntax Rules and Alternatives

  • An option can be preceded by one or two dashes. This section uses two dashes before long version of options and one dash before short version of options. For example, the following commands are equivalent:
    advisor-python $APM/ -h
    advisor-python $APM/ --help
  • The path to a project directory must always follow after a script name. For example:
    advisor-python $APM/ ./advi_results
  • If an option accepts values, they can be separated by a space or by an equal sign (=). This document uses space for all such options. For example, the following are equivalent:
    advisor-python $APM/ ./advi_results --out-dir ./report
    advisor-python $APM/ ./advi_results --out-dir=./report
  • The target executable must be preceded by two dashes and a space. For example:
    advisor-python $APM/ ./advi_results --out-dir=./report
    advisor-python $APM/ ./advi_results -- myApplication
  • If you have Python 3.6 or 3.7 installed and it is the default Python version on your system, you can run
    Offload Modeling
    with your system Python instead of the
    python $APM/ ./advi_results -- ./myApplication
    python3.6 $APM/ ./advi_results -- ./myApplication
    python3.7 $APM/ ./advi_results -- ./myApplication

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