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  • 04/01/2021
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Adding oneAPI Components to Yocto* Project Builds

The oneAPI meta-intel-iss and meta-intel-oneapi layers make it possible to add oneAPI components to a Yocto project build. These layers include recipes (*.bb or bitbake scripts) that you add to your Yocto platform project to include the supported oneAPI content into your Yocto platform project's file system image.
The meta-intel-iss and meta-intel-oneapi layers are part of the Intel® oneAPI IoT Toolkit installation and can be found here::
For example:
For detailed and up-to-date usage instructions see the README file located in the respective meta-intel-* layer folders. Install the Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit to get a copy of the meta-intel-* layers.
In order to add the Intel oneAPI components supported by the meta-intel-* layers to your Yocto platform project, you must have those components installed on your Yocto platform project development host. The following oneAPI components are supported by this layer:
  • The oneAPI compiler runtime libraries.
  • The IPP library files.
  • The MKL library files.
  • The VTune™ Profiler and Intel® SoC Watch remote collector libraries and tools.
The compiler runtime libraries and VTune and Intel SoC Watch components are included in the Intel oneAPI IoT Toolkit. The Intel Integrated Performance Primitives library and Intel Math Kernel Library are distributed as part of the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit.

Using Intel® C++ Compilers as a Secondary Toolchain and for SDK Integration

You can use the Intel C++ Compilers as part of a secondary toolchain to build packages and applications for your target system. To enable using an Intel compiler to build a specific package or for SDK application building, see the README files referenced above.

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