Transform Your Business with New Desktops

From small business to enterprise, the latest desktop computers with Intel Inside® deliver the performance, speed, and security a business demands, with the flexibility, convenience, and collaborative freedom employees want.

New desktops save money, increase productivity. Learn more.

Change Your Desktops, Change Your Business

Upgrading to new desktop PCs can boost employee productivity while protecting your data and saving your business money. In fact, the annual total cost of keeping those older desktops may be higher than the cost to replace them. Learn more about the benefits of a PC upgrade now:

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Built for Small Business

Productivity Reigns Supreme

Leave compatibility issues behind and bring productivity back to your business by upgrading to sleek desktops that deliver performance unlike your older devices ever could. Plus new features such as voice, gesture, and touch boost employee engagement like never before.

Find out why touch matters

For the Design Conscious

Stylish, space-saving All-in-One desktops give you stunning performance, built-in security, and immersive big-screen experiences, all in a single device.

Find the All-in-Ones for your small business

All the Power Without the Tower

Discover premium performance in a compact design with Mini PCs—small, powerful devices that turn screens into computers and bring collaboration tools to any room.

Shrink your desktops, expand your potential

Traditional Towers You Trust—Only Better

Maintain your competitive edge by replacing your older desktops with the latest Intel®-based systems—dependable performance you trust with the power and security you need.

Why older PCs put your business at risk

Powering the Enterprise

Designed for You. Loved by IT.

The latest desktops deliver powerful computing capabilities, have new immersive ways to interact like touch and voice, and seamlessly bring employee collaboration into any room. And the supreme security and latest management tools of new desktop computers make them the most reliable IT choice.

Transform the Way You Work

From All-in-Ones to Mini PCs, find the right desktops for your organization.

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Upgrade for Better Business Benefits

Improve employee productivity and manageability while reducing maintenance costs and power consumption by upgrading your older desktops to the latest Intel®-powered systems.

Learn how a 145% performance gain can help your business

A Proactive Enterprise IT Solution

Intel® Active Management Technology allows IT to remotely and automatically query, restore, upgrade, and protect networked computing assets for a more effective, cost-efficient workplace.

Explore Intel® Active Management Technology


Find the Business Desktop for You

The Support You Need

Get the support you need, including troubleshooting and tools, updates, IT and developer resources, and more.

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Get the latest software and drivers for your Intel® products.

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