Do you have the power?

Intel offers free testing services to qualified customers designing platforms based on Intel® architecture.

Power Supply Testing

Is your power supply compliant with Intel® power supply unit (PSU) guidelines? Our testing service allows you and power supply vendors to send power supply units to Intel to determine if it meets the Intel® ATX specifications for electrical, mechanical fit, and functional compatibility. Your power supply is tested on a full Chroma* PSU test rack using active loads while monitoring signal timings and AC/ DC power. This includes the same tests performed on a PSU for listing on the Intel® Tested Power Supply list.

Power supply units minimum compatibilities are listed on the Intel Power Supply Selector web page. Since power supply needs vary depending on system configuration, you can select and choose the proper power supply form factor and power level for your systems' application.

System Power Measurement

System This testing service allows you to send in a fully configured system with one or more power supplies to measure the total power requirements and best loading scenarios for the system. The results typically include power used by the motherboard, memory, CPU, and hard drive. This testing aids in properly sizing the PSU for best efficiency at low power. It can also help prevent oversizing the PSU, which can result in higher total cost since the system cannot benefit from greater efficiency at loads it can never achieve.

For power supply sizing, power budget, or component power measurements, your system is tested while monitoring the platform AC and all main DC power rails from the ATX power supply to the system. You can provide your own software program or choose from these examples to get different results:

  • Industry benchmarks
  • Intel® Power Thermal Utility (Intel® PTU)
  • Burn-In Pro*

Test component power (if system has an internal PSU):

  • CPU (w/ VR loss)
  • Board and memory
  • Hard drives and optical drives
  • Graphics card
  • PCI Express* cards
  • Real-time PSU loss