Premier Support Projects

Premier Support Projects Tab

This page explains how to create cases associated to a Premier Support project.

Cases may be standalone or part of a Premier Support Project. Projects are created by your Intel® representative so that only those people given explicit access can see the cases associated with the project.

A project limits the visibility of case(s) to those contacts within your company who are granted access to the project. For more information on key changes, click HERE. If you have projects created for your company, you should determine whether to create a standalone case or create it within a project before proceeding.

The Premier Support Projects tab lists your most recently viewed projects. Click Go! next to the All Projects view to see all of the projects to which you have access.

Click a Premier Support Project Name on your list to access the Premier Support Project Detail page.


Project Detail Page

This page lists project members, products, and cases associated to the project. From this view, you can create new cases by clicking the New Case icon. View case details when you click the Case Number link.

  1. These are project details created when the case was created.
  2. The Intel® Products section lists the products associated with this project.
  3. Premier Suport Project Members are the people given exclusive right to view the project and the cases within the project.
  4. These are all the Cases associated with this project.
  5. Click Printable View to open a printer-friendly page with a Print This Page link

Edit and Close Case Features

A case can be edited or closed from the Intel® Projects tab. Simply access the project, scroll down to the Cases section and click Edit or Cls.