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General Navigation

  1. Tab Navigation - Details on this page below
  2. List Views - For different ways to search
  3. Global Search - Searches a variety of fields throughout all records
  4. Recent Items - Lists items of all types you recently viewed
  5. Quick Links - For access to often used features
  6. Help - For technical help

*To learn more about exporting a list of cases, go to Export to CSV.


1. Tab Navigation

The Intel® Premier Support Portal has multiple tabs depending on your profile.  You can do the following from each tab:

  • Home – View important messages from Intel, possible maintenance notifications, new features that will be coming, and more information of other training topics.
  • Cases –  View and access your existing cases and create new cases.
  • Intel® Products – View the products for which you have access to submit cases. New cases may be created from this view.
  • Premier Support Projects – View the projects to which you have access. You may create new cases from these projects. You may review/edit existing cases on these projects.
  • Contacts – View contacts that are associated with your account.

2. List Views

You have different List Views with the Cases tab.

  • All Cases
  • All Open Cases
  • My Closed Cases
  • My Open Cases
  • My Recently Updated Cases
  • Recently Viewed Cases

3. Global Search

The Search field is located in the left menu bar below the Create New drop-down menu.

Use the Search field to enter text such as a product name or information from a case comment to find specific cases. Nearly every case-related field is searchable. The search limit is 80 characters.

You may click Advanced Search or More Options to narrow your search. For example, you may enter a case number, customer reference number, product name, or narrow the search by case status or creation date.


4. Recent Items

Recent Items lists items of all types (not just the tab you’re on) that you have recently viewed. Mouse over an item to see a quick summary of the item. Click the item link, or the View button in the summary window to access the item.

Right click the line item to open it in a new browser tab or window.


5. Quick Links

Quick Links are a list of often used features and items.  

1. Click the Preferences link to open the E-mail Preferences and Time Zone page. This enables you to opt in or opt out of Intel® Premier Support e-mail communications and set your Time Zone.

2. The Premier Support Training link opens the online training pages you are currently accessing. The training content provides step by step guidance and includes instructional videos.


6. Help

Go to the Help section in the left column if you have a technical problem with the Intel® Premier Support web site.  To report an issue, click the Report a Site Problem link, provide the details in the email template, and then click Send.


Export to CSV

When using list views on the case screen, you have the ability to export the full case list view. Click the Case List Export button, and then click Export to CSV. This functionality is only available when the list view has been executed and the results appear on the screen.