Who Is Using the Intel® Smart POS Module (Intel® SPOSM) Today?

Many partners are taking advantage of the features and benefits of Intel SPOSM to design a wide range of in-store solutions. See what they have to say.


"POS customization is the future of POS product development—supporting the maturity of the entire ecosystem and bringing benefits for R&D, maintenance, and product upgrades.”

Mr. Li (李昊旻)
Assistant General Manager of Hisense


"Modular products are a powerful platform for a variety of POS solutions and exceptionally valuable for seamless services.”

Mr. Xue (薛志利)
President of Ejeton


"Intel® Smart POS Module (Intel® SPOSM) provides future-forward innovations to meet the evolving needs of customers for AI technology integration.”

Mr. Liu (刘福利)
Deputy General Manager of Wintec