Accelerate time to market with the Intel® SKM reference design for next-generation, commercial-grade, interactive kiosks. 

The Intel® SKM modular design—with its one-size-fits-all compute module and standard thermal specification—eliminates many of the challenges that can slow kiosk production, deployment, and upgrades.

Intel® SKM provides a standard hardware form factor reference design for interactive kiosk systems, which separates the standard compute module from the peripheral interface board (PIB) and uses a standard PCIe*-based connector with high-speed IO to connect them. The result is an elegant design that simplifies installation, service and maintenance, and makes it easy to scale, upgrade the capabilities of installed kiosks, and integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Samples are currently available for evaluation. In addition, interested OEMs and ODMs can access reference design files with a signed RDLA. Review the specifications below, and talk to your Intel representative for more information.


Intel® Smart Kiosk Module (Intel® SKM) Specifications   
Targeted Applications Commercial solution optimized for kiosk applications such as banking, healthcare, retail
CPU scalability Up to Intel Core S processor (65W)
Form Factor 175mm x 140mm x 65mm
Thermal Solution Integrated on module
Interface Connector Card Edge: Standard PCIex16 (164 pins)
Connector Features High speed I/O, and professional and expanded features
Operating Environment Commercial grade
Product Availability Ecosystem branded, licensed to third party
Serviceability Professionally serviceable