Who Is Using the Intel® Smart Kiosk Module Today?


Many partners are taking advantage of the features and benefits of Intel® SKM to create smart interactive kiosk solutions for their customers. See what they have to say.



“Interactive kiosks are becoming increasingly popular and widely used in the hospitality and service industries—at airports, hotel check-in counters, and fast food restaurants. With the modular design of Intel SKM, it is easy to create interactive kiosks that help customers meet their unique business needs and better manage their labor costs while reducing TCO for the kiosks themselves. As a leading display provider, we see Intel SKM as a mainstream kiosk spec that we will provide to all of our kiosk clients.”

David King
President of Litemax


“As a leading IoT hardware provider in the PRC, Seavo has been working with the best equipment vendors in the kiosk industry for many years, and Seavo continues to provide a better core computing platform for the equipment.

Intel SKM, developed jointly by Intel and Seavo, has created a unified core computing module specification for the kiosk market that supports flexible configuration to meet different application requirements, reduces the cost of both product development and inventory, and makes maintenance and upgrading more convenient, which will help customers gain more competitive advantage in the market.” 

Wenpu Wu
Vice President of Seavo


“Kioskhome is a professional and fast-growing kiosk solution provider focusing on the medical kiosk market in China. We are very pleased to work closely with Intel to offer new Intel SKM Platform-based kiosks which are easier for assembly and maintenance. They greatly improve our productivity and reduce efforts from customer service. 

Intel SKM, as a new industry standard, also offers the power to boost our continuous innovation and defines an international criteria and specification for kiosk market growth."

Steve Zhong
General Manager

V-Series International Group

"As a pioneer self-service kiosk and vending-kiosk manufacturer in the APAC region, V-Series® International Group is proud to be an early adopter, designer and manufacturer of the Intel® Smart Kiosk Module (Intel® SKM) and the very first to deploy this technology in our clients’ projects. With rapidly growing opportunities in cashless self-service kiosks, smart outdoor kiosks and self-service vending machines, Intel SKM, as the integrated heart of these smart machines, gives our customers a very big advantage of proper and structured cable management, easy scalability, and fully integrated solutions.”

Stone Foo HY
Group CEO