Making the Path to Reliable HPC Solutions Easier

High performance computing (HPC) is transforming traditional sectors that are using it to greatly accelerate their time-to-insight and decision making. Customers beyond government and academia are suddenly in the market for HPC solutions. An HPC Compute Block can simplify the development of those solutions and speed time to market for you and your customers.

Key Features

Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) Configured HPC Compute Blocks

HPC Compute Blocks embody Intel® SSF to capture innovations taking place in compute, fabric, storage, and memory. These unbranded HPC Compute Blocks deliver high-performance, balanced systems with broad application compatibility. They reduce system validation time, are highly reliable, speed customer time to insight, and are able to take advantage of a broad ecosystem of software innovators.

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HPC Compute Block + Intel® SSF Configuration Benefits

  • Accelerate time to insight
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Tight integration and interoperability
  • Broad software compatibility
  • Speed system validation
  • Increase hardware and software performance