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Protecting our security and building our capability

Why Are Semiconductors Important?

Technology has never been more essential to daily life, with four key superpowers―cloud, mobility fueled by 5G, artificial intelligence and the intelligent edge―set to transform the world. Semiconductors are essential to all of those.

  • The adoption of digital technologies has been further accelerated by the pandemic, as the worlds of work, education and entertainment shift to online formats.
  • Computing permeates all our interactions―the global communications network, every retail experience, vehicle, hospital, farm and factory floor― creating societal and economic value around the globe. It also powers the advanced technologies that keep us safe.
  • Our ability to meet this increase in the need for computing power depends on semiconductors. In addition to their importance to the economy and keeping us safe, they represent the fifth-largest U.S. export sector, supporting a quarter million US jobs directly and over a million indirectly.