Intel Involved

Intel knows volunteering builds goodwill and good business. The global corporate volunteer program—Intel Involved—identifies worthwhile opportunities for individual volunteers and, team projects as well as days of community service.

Intel employees make a difference around the globe by helping educate and train people of all ages. They advance initiatives to foster safe and healthy communities and use their technical knowledge to support endeavors where it is most needed.

Matching Grants

When Intel employees commit hours, Intel commits dollars.  The Intel Involved Matching Grant program awards cash grants to eligible organizations based on the number of hours that Intel employees volunteer.

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Encore Fellowship Program-extending employee volunteerism

Intel Encore Career Fellowships are aimed at active Intel U.S. employees who are retiring and wish to transition to a new stage of work with local nonprofit organizations, where they help the organization build capacity, operate more efficiently, and, ultimately, have a broader impact on their communities.

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