Intel® Future Skills

Intel® Future Skills program collaborates to close critical gaps and transform workforce development and youth empowerment programs through the infusion of technology curricula, hands-on innovation experiences, and employability skills training.

Intel® Future Skills can help youth accomplish the following:

  • Build their confidence and skills to help them realize greater potential
  • Create a new tech innovation – one that responds to a community, government, or personal challenge
  • Find employment in the tech industry – like an internship, entry-level, or co-op
  • Get more education – whether vocational training, junior college, or 4-year program
  • Become an entrepreneur



Be A Part of It

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Introducing Intel® Future Skills

Intel partners with others to provide hands-on innovation experiences, technology curricula and employability skills training, empowering youth today with the essential skills and experiences for the jobs of the future.

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