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Improving the Productivity and Safety of Industrial Workers

Intel and Rice Electronics collaborated to develop a smart, end-to-end, Internet of Things (IoT) connected worker solution designed to increase industrial worker productivity and safety. The Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution* with Intel IoT technology provides robust communication between workers and remote operation centers, while simultaneously sharing vital near-real-time sensor data about the work environment. 


With the Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution with Intel IoT technology, organizations in energy, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, field services, utilities, and public safety can increase productivity and improve safety. Capabilities include:

  • Predicting Imminent threats
  • Responding to potential man down or lone worker emergencies
  • Sending warnings and alerts in cases of gas toxicity
  • Sending notifications when there are imminent weather risks
  • Geo-fencing workers to monitor safety and keep communication lines open
  • Providing near-real-time communication to prevent accidents, support productivity, and provide timely training
  • Tracking worker locations indoors and outdoors 

How It Works in Brief

Industrial workers wear smartphones from Rice Electronics loaded with connected worker applications. Workers also hold gas sensors when entering hazardous zones. These sensors communicate with the Rice Electronics’ smartphone over BLE*. An Intel Atom® processor-based IoT gateway with Intel® software filters data, provides local processing and analytics, and offers reliable connectivity between workers and a remote command center. An expert/supervisor online portal conducts in-depth analytics and visualization on the aggregated data sent to the cloud or on-premise data center.

Multiple connectivity protocols are supported on Intel® architecture-based gateways, including Wi-Fi, 3G, and, LoRa*, to enable connectivity requirements for various domains.

This solution is delivered by Rice Electronics to end customers in manufacturing, energy, and public safety verticals, along with Level 1 and Level 2 support.

Key Benefits

  • Simplify deployment and operations: This simple, easy-to-deploy connected worker solution is purpose-built for industry
  • Increased security: End-to-end security technologies from Intel help protect devices, networks, and data centers, while safeguarding data and identities1
  • Affordable, flexible business model: The solution is tested and released as a package, with flexible payment models for installation and service/maintenance fees
  • Speed time to market: An end-to-end IoT solution to accelerate deployment
  • Support: Access Level 1 and Level 2 support from Rice Electronics, plus Level 3 support from Intel


Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution* with Intel IoT technology

An IoT Solution for Industrial Workers

Intel and Rice Electronics collaborate to develop a smart, end-to-end, IoT solution designed to increase industrial worker productivity and safety.

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Where to Buy

Rice Electronics

The Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution* with Intel IOT technology comes complete with the following: 

  • Intel® IoT Gateway & Pro Software Suite 
  • Spectrum Rugged Mobile Device
  • Connected-Worker Remote Operations Platform & Mobile App

Talk to Rice Electronics today about your specific workplace requirements.


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