Introducing the Intel® Remote Keyboard

What is Intel® Remote Keyboard?

Intel Remote Keyboard is a new app for Android* and iOS* mobile devices that will allow users to wirelessly control their Intel® NUC and Intel® Compute Stick. This free app enables you to easily use your smartphone or tablet as a keyboard and mouse, improving your HTPC or entertainment experience.


  • Default Keyboard that includes PC keys such as Windows*, CTRL, ALT, ESC
  • Optional Native Keyboard that enables support for custom keyboard capabilities such as Swype* and dictation
  • Full Windows®10 gesture support
  • Sensitivity slider for high DPI mobile devices
  • Support for multiple languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

System Requirements

  • Mobile App – Android 4.0* and later, iOS 7* and later
  • Host App – Windows* 8.1 and later; Linux* coming in late 2015


  • Download the Intel® Remote Keyboard mobile app from the Google Play Store* or Apple App Store* on your mobile device.
  • Download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard host app from the Intel® Download Center on your Intel® Compute Stick or Intel® NUC.
  • Open the app on your mobile device.
  • Select the computer from the device list and scan the QR code on your computer’s screen (first use only).

That’s it! Now you can provide input to your computer from your mobile device!


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many similar apps in the market. Why did Intel develop their own?

While there are many remote keyboard/mouse applications in the market, Intel Remote Keyboard provides a seamless experience for users across mobile platforms (Android* and iOS*) and host computer operating systems (Windows* and Linux*) of no cost to the user (free to download, zero ads).

What do users need to download to use Intel Remote Keyboard?

Host App

  • Download and install the latest Remote Keyboard Host App from the Intel® Download Center on the host PC (Intel NUC or Intel Compute Stick).

Mobile App

  • Install the Mobile App on their smartphone or tablet
    • For Android – search for the “Intel Remote Keyboard” app on the Google Play Store.
    • For iOS – search for the “Intel Remote Keyboard” app on the Apple App Store.

Will the Intel Remote Keyboard mobile app be available for Windows based mobile devices?

At this time, there are no plans to extend the mobile app support beyond Android and iOS. We continue to evaluate support for other operating system options.

When will the host app be available for other operating systems? 

Expected release date for a host app for Linux is late 2015.


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