The dedicated staff at Leataata Floyd Elementary School in Sacramento, California partnered with Intel and others to bring 5G connectivity to students so they can get online to learn valuable skills. 

The importance of future-building tools 

Providing up-to-date internet, technology, and laptops for students was a goal of school Principal Michelle Blanton and staff for 10 years. But once the students got their new devices, it became apparent that internet connectivity would be a challenge as well—especially during COVID-19. 

One out of five students lacked an internet connection to access and complete their assignments, and to practice new skills. But through the partnership with Intel, not only did Leataata Floyd Elementary get its own private 5G network, but so did the nearby low-income housing and the community center. 

Garnering community feedback 

Harnessing dedicated connectivity for a use such as this one is simply the right thing to do for AWS Principal Solutions Architect, Awaiz Khan. Not surprisingly, the team behind the project has seen very good results—with connectivity speeds up to 100 megabits per second—and received positive feedback from teachers, students, and the community. 

Most importantly, students are now able to learn skills that will help them transition to the new technology that abounds today.