Boost Profits with a 360-Degree Customer View

The Customer 360 solution, based on Cloudera Enterprise Hub and Intel® architecture, helps CoSPs to build 360-degree customer profiles.

Communications Service Providers (CoSPs) face three core business challenges that threaten their profitability: a highly competitive market, customer churn and an evolving IT landscape. Yet with greater focus on building a complete picture of their customers, by bringing together operational support system (OSS) and business support system (BSS) data, CoSPs can improve their profit margins. They can use this data to protect existing revenue streams, offer compelling new services and attract new customers.

It is no secret that CoSPs’ margins have declined in recent years, exacerbated by competition from free or low-cost over-the-top (OTT) applications. Messaging apps, for example, are eating into text messaging revenues to the tune of USD 54 billion.1 Meanwhile, customer churn continues to be costly in a market where CoSPs are expected to retain just half of their existing customer base in the next 12 months, leaving businesses fighting to protect their existing revenue streams.2

These issues are complicated by the inflexible and increasingly siloed legacy IT infrastructures that many CoSPs rely on. Years of market consolidation and an ageing technology set-up have left many providers with fragmented OSSs and BSSs, as well as fragmented pools of customer information.

One solution that can help CoSPs overcome these business challenges is to build 360-degree profiles of their customers, including what they are saying on social media, what they buy and how they interact with different brands. With this comprehensive view, a CoSP can engage in targeted marketing to successfully upsell to its existing customers, analyze predictive churn and even offer proactive customer care to improve user experience.

These powerful customer profiles are created in a hub that combines data from multiple sources and presents it for analysis in a unified way. The Customer 360 solution, based on Cloudera Enterprise Hub and Intel® architecture, helps CoSPs to build 360-degree customer profiles by adding new sources of structured and unstructured data as needed. Once data is added, the profile can be interrogated by analytics and business intelligence tools to provide specific insights. As more data is added and more insights generated, the CoSP gets an increasingly multi-dimensional view of each of its customers, moving from micro-segmentation to a ‘segment-of-one’ approach.

The Customer 360 solution helps CoSPs with their four main customer data challenges: data silos, data volumes, new data sources (including unstructured data and semi-structured data) and the costs of data processing.

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Product and Performance Information

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