Intel® Open Network Platform Server

(Intel® ONP Server)

Intel® ONP Server is a reference architecture that integrates open-source and hardware ingredients optimized for SDN/NFV. This reference architecture eases solution development and accelerates SDN/NFV adoption and deployments in telecom, enterprise, and cloud.

Software Stack

The Intel® ONP Server software stack consists of released open-source software based on the work done in community projects, including contributions made by Intel. Intel addresses open-source software integration gaps and showcases the capabilities of an open source foundation for developing virtualized network functions on Intel® architecture. It enables industry-leading manageability by exposing health, state, and resource availability, for optimal workload placement and configuration.

Key open-source software ingredients forming the Intel ONP Server software stack:

  • OpenStack*—Manages and orchestrates applications running on network nodes
  • OpenDaylight*—Enables programmability of networks of any size and scale
  • DPDK—Accelerates packet processing on general-purpose processors
  • Open vSwitch*—Performs virtual, multilayer network switching
  • Linux*/KVM—Provides operating system and hypervisor support

Available for download on 01.ORG:

  • Intel ONP software stack, integrating released open-source ingredients (delivered as a script), closes the integration gap for software ingredients
  • Intel ONP reference architecture guide, which includes instructions for bringing together and testing Intel ONP software stack while running on a standard server based on Intel architecture
  • Intel ONP benchmark tests that measure performance while using open-source ingredients and innovations introduced by Intel
  • Demo, which showcases the value and typical use cases deployed in telecom, enterprise, and cloud environments as supported by Intel 

Who should use Intel® ONP Server?

  • Telecom, cloud, and enterprise infrastructure operators creating proof-of-concept designs to validate performance and operational objectives.
  • Hardware and software vendors seeking an optimized, pre-validated development platform to accelerate NFV and SDN projects.

Intel® Open Network Platform for Servers Overview (3:11)

Intel® ONP for Servers is designed to make it easier to test and deploy SDN and NFV solutions.