Solution Brief: Infosim StableNet IoT for Telco

Solution Brief: Infosim StableNet IoT for Telco

Solution Brief: Infosim StableNet IoT for Telco

Learn about Infosim StableNet Any-to-Any Connectivity for IoT Based on Intel® Architecture.

Infosim focuses on addressing the core IoT challenge with a flexible, innovative platform based on powerful, high-performance Intel® architecture. StableNet* is designed to connect “any-to-any,” providing new levels of assurance and interoperability to both legacy and modern IoT infrastructure.... By enabling protocols, networks, databases, and applications to talk to each other securely, and providing holistic, end-to-end visibility, Infosim and Intel are enabling viable, cost-effective connectivity with all the accompanying business and end-customer advantages. StableNet is being utilized by managed service providers (MSPs), enterprises, and Telcos, as well as in energy and manufacturing implementations.

StableNet is a third-generation highly automated network and services management system. The key differentiator compared to other types of legacy Operational Support Systems (OSSs) is that StableNet is a unified OSS system with three integrated functions that focus on configuration, fault, and performance management, with automated root cause analysis (RCA). StableNet can be deployed on a multitenant, multicustomer, or dedicated platform, and can be operated in a highly dynamic flex-compute environment. A modular licensing model allows companies to pay for what they need, and scale up or down as their business evolves.

Telco companies are increasingly tasked with managing not only fixed and mobile networks, but also VoIP and IPTV, internal IT systems, applications, DBs, FWs, and key application services for business customers. Achieving convergence and cross-silo visibility with legacy systems requires time-intensive efforts and large upfront investments. With StableNet Telco running on Intel® platforms, Telco operators and managers gain integrated performance, fault, automated root cause, configuration, and inventory management within one consistent, modular Telco NG OSS solution.

The solution simplifies services-oriented management, including installation, deployment, and operations, and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). Offerings include quad-play, mobile, high-speed Internet, VoIP (IPT, IPCC), IPTV across carrier Ethernet, metro Ethernet, MPLS, L2/L3 VPNs, multicustomer VRFs, Cloud, and FTTx environments. IPv4 and IPv6 are fully supported.

Infosim is a leading manufacturer of automated service fulfillment and service assurance solutions for Telcos, ISPs, managed service providers, and corporations. Since 2003, Infosim has been developing and providing StableNet to Telco and enterprise customers. Infosim is privately held with offices in Germany (Wuerzburg, HQ; Muenster), United States (Austin), and Singapore.

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