Cloud Day Talk: Umeå University

Johan Carlsson, CTO of ICT Services at Umeå University discusses their experiences and effective use of cloud computing in educational institutions, including the considerable benefits gained through automated provisioning. Umeå University is the fifth-oldest university in Sweden, with over 32,000 students and more than 4,000 employees. The university has four faculties and eight campus schools,... more than 20 research centers and 35 departments. With so many internal customers, it was challenging for the university’s IT department to keep up with the demand for IT services. When departments requested new server capacity, it typically took weeks or even months to fulfill their requests, and took significant hands-on time for IT to support. To address these challenges, the university built a fully flexible and elastic private cloud infrastructure. Customers can now procure new server capacity and applications on university servers in minutes through an easy-to-use, web-based self-service portal. Departments can also use the portal to self-manage their IT resources. This platform has truly revolutionized the way that the University’s IT Division delivers IT value to their customers.

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