Flexible, Responsive Computing Services

Flexible, Responsive Computing Services

Flexible, Responsive Computing Services

A software-defined infrastructure (SDI) pilot, based on Intel hardware and Yottabyte yCenter software, is driving data center transformation at the University of Michigan (U-M) Advanced Research Computing (ARC).

ARC currently serves 2,600 independent research groups at U-M, which is one of the top-rated public research universities in the U.S.

Standing up a traditional ...infrastructure for every new research project takes ARC staff a full two weeks. With SDI, provisioning time drops to mere minutes.

That means the Intel/Yottabyte solution will enable the fast, cost-effective creation of highly individualized and secure private data centers for each project, which will save ARC time, money, and resources.

The solution, which includes software-defined storage (SDS), will also enable easier, more secure and cost-effective collaboration between researchers around the world.

ARC will be able to serve more researchers, who are doing critical, real-world, big-data-driven research, faster and for less money.

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