Hybrid Cloud Strategy Insight

Simplify the Path to Business Agility

With business models shifting towards embracing multi-cloud and hybrid cloud

as an integral part of IT strategy, Intel IT shares their cloud journey and approach for

building future-ready IT infrastructure.

Intel® Hybrid Cloud Journey

Intel IT is no stranger to cloud computing. We've come far since starting to build our own private cloud in 2010. Learn about the Intel IT cloud journey, the pains and the gains of moving from physical servers to cloud solutions. Discover our hybrid cloud workload placement strategies - and how you too can enhance the value of your IT investments.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy Discussed

With 83 percent of IT business leaders indicating they use a hybrid cloud or plan to do so in the future1, our IT experts discuss what this means for traditional infrastructure. Focusing on “right apps in the right place,” we examine workload placements and how to build a cloud strategy based on business goals.

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Product and Performance Information

1Paper by EMC and IDG Research Services, Hybrid Cloud Computing: The Great Enabler of Digital Business