Microsoft Azure Stack* on Intel

Watch this video and see the benefits of how Microsoft's Azure Stack* enables you to launch a seamless hybrid cloud that's agile and optimized on Intel® technology from leading OEM's.


Azure Stack is Microsoft's hybrid cloud platform that allows us to bring Azure services into your data center with integrated systems from our OEM partners.

We are excited to partner with Microsoft and extend our current work to the hybrid cloud to deliver best in class hybrid cloud capabilities.

One of the exciting things with Azure Stack is that our system integrators can customize the solutions for their customers. They can write one application and be able to deploy that for their customers in the public cloud, but also then deploy that for customers who are running in their private cloud environments using Azure Stack on premise.

The kinds of customers who will be able to use this are enterprises today that are trying to move from their previous enterprise infrastructure over to a more agile and nimble cloud architecture. It can be oil and gas customers. It can be financial services customers. It can be you CSPs, the cloud service providers themselves, that is part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

With Azure Stack we've learned a lot from the Azure public cloud. We've actually taken some of the services that we have there and made them available as part of Azure Stack when you're in your private cloud. And so you get the same portal and experience. You get the same monitoring and management capabilities as you'd expect in the public cloud for all your resources that are deployed in your data center.

We collaborated and optimized Windows server 2016, as well as the storage spaces direct solution. Now Azure Stack is built on Windows server 2016, thus making those optimizations scaled through to Azure Stack.

Working together with Intel on Azure Stack, we've been able to integrate the Intel Xeon processor with Hyper-V and provide great performance and reliability with Intel's enterprise SSDs and our new storage space's direct capabilities to provide a great storage solution for customers, and really tune the performance and capabilities of the underlining system.

With the Intel Cloud for All initiative, Intel is collaborating with Microsoft to create a best in class platform, fully optimized for the Intel architecture. We will continue to work with Microsoft in collaborating on Azure Stack, on future Intel Xeon processor technologies, and platform capabilities.