Cloud Computing Technology

Performance and trust to drive business

Not all clouds are created equal. Intel® Cloud Technology, a set of technologies built into the latest generation Intel Xeon® processors, provides the performance and protection you need through capabilities that enhance how well your cloud moves, processes and safeguards data.

The Powered by Intel Cloud Technology program can help you choose from a broad range of services developed by cloud service providers (CSPs) that specifically optimize for Intel® processors. The result is an agile, scalable cloud you can count on with the power and capabilities to handle your most data-intensive workloads.

Know what powers your public cloud

Deploy with confidence knowing that the technology that runs in your data center also runs in your public cloud. Find out about the specific Intel® cloud technologies that help power and protect your business.

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Choose performance and protection 

The Powered by Intel Cloud Technology badge makes it easy to find CSPs who utilize genuine Intel processors and provide reliable, industry-leading performance, and quality.

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What is in your data center’s future?

Futurist Steve Brown describes the technology potential enabled by next-generation data centers in which infrastructure is modernized for cloud deployments and applications are optimized for cloud services delivery.

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Cloud Initiatives

Select a Trusted Cloud Service Provider

Simplify your cloud provider search with the Intel® Cloud Finder (Intel® CF)—a tool that brings together service providers from across the globe.

Find a cloud service provider

Deploy Private Cloud Infrastructure

Explore Intel® Cloud Builders for reference architectures that can help you build an efficient, secure cloud environment.

Start building your private cloud

Intel is Helping Shape the Future of Cloud Computing

Intel is accelerating the development of open, interoperable cloud solutions through partnerships with key industry groups such as the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).

Learn more about the ODCA