Balance Agility and Control

Hybrid cloud models bring the best features and benefits of public and private cloud together

Solve Business Challenges Faster

The hybrid cloud platform helps organizations address top priorities—like big data—and deliver applications across a variety of users and devices.

Best Practices for Building a Hybrid Cloud

Explore Intel’s roadmap for building an advanced cloud platform by designing and implementing hybrid cloud.

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Case Studies and Insights

Increase Workload Flexibility with Powerful Hybrid Cloud Features

See how hybrid cloud features, such as moving a private cloud app into public cloud during demand spikes, stack up against public and private cloud capabilities.

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How is Cloud Impacting IT?

Cisco and Intel identify the top 10 changes that are affecting every level of IT consumption.

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Planning Resources

How to Create a Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Learn what a hybrid cloud is, and find out how it can provide unique capabilities to enable faster enterprise service delivery.

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How to Quantify the Cost Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud

Intel IT shares a financial model that associates the hybrid cloud with a flexible approach that can increase savings as well as optimize agility, scalability, and efficiency.

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How to Efficiently Cloudburst Your Workloads

When your private cloud is overloaded, cloudbursting will open a path to the public cloud and get your projects moving again.

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Solutions and Technologies Options

Find Cloud Service Providers, Powered by Intel® Technology

Choose a cloud service provider who optimizes for Intel® processors and takes advantage of Intel® Cloud Technology for a reliable, high performing, and secure cloud.

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Learn How to Deploy Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Explore Intel® Cloud Builders for proven guidance that focuses on building a cloud, enhancing security, and improving efficiency in a cloud environment.

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Select a Trusted Cloud Service Provider

Simplify your cloud provider search with the Intel® Cloud Finder—a tool that brings together service providers from across the globe.

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Find Helpful Usage Models with ODCA

Use the Open Data Center Alliance’s search tool to find helpful usage models that other businesses are utilizing.

Search usage models

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