Enable Developers with Hybrid Cloud

Grow and Evolve Your IT Capabilities.

Forrester Consulting recently conducted a study to evaluate adoption of hybrid cloud amongst enterprise IT decision makers in organizations across the globe. The content below presents research findings, emerging trends and recommendations for developer-focused cloud strategies.

Increase Developer Productivity with Hybrid Cloud

Forrester insights into why and how organizations are enhancing developer productivity with new capabilities on hybrid cloud.

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Webinar Highlights for Developer Success

Hear Chris Gardner discuss Forrester findings to understand developers’ needs to rapidly build, test, and deploy applications.

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How Hybrid Cloud Benefits Developers

Discover why hybrid cloud is no longer a luxury but a must-have for enterprises aiming to enable more developer innovation.

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Driving DevOps with a Hybrid Cloud

Forrester insights on why hybrid cloud is quickly becoming the go-to model for enabling DevOps and improving enterprise IT.

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Cloud Resource

How to Optimize IT with Hybrid Cloud

Discover the advantages of hybrid cloud, its unique capabilities, and how to get started in your organization.

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Hybrid Cloud Strategy Insights

Business models are shifting towards a hybrid cloud strategy. Discover how your company can do it with insights from Intel.

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Product and Performance Information

1Source: A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Intel, May 2017. Methodology: In this study, Forrester conducted a double-blind online survey of 515 cloud decision makers from enterprises in the US, Germany, the UK, Japan, and China to evaluate their adoption attitudes toward hybrid cloud solutions.
2Base: 515 manager-level and above IT decision makers at organizations with a cloud strategy.