Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing PDF

Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing PDF

Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing PDF

Intel Cloud 2015 Vision

Executive Overview

Cloud computing is an important transition and a paradigm shift in IT services delivery–one that promises large gains in efficiency and flexibility at a time when demands on data centers are growing exponentially. The tools, building blocks, solutions, and best practices for cloud computing are evolving, and challenges to deploying cloud need to be considered.

The technology and industry leadership that Intel brings to this environment is broader and deeper than most realize. Intel’s Cloud 2015 Vision is that cloud computing is federated, automated, and client-aware. Moving the industry toward that promise will require a focus on three industry-wide pillars of cloud computing–efficiency, simplification, and security–and on solutions that are open, multi-vendor, and interoperable.

A Paradigm Shift

Rather than a revolution, cloud computing is an important transition, a paradigm shift in IT delivery–one that has broad impact and important challenges to consider. Cloud computing offers the potential for a transformation in the design, development, and deployment of next-generation technologies–technologies that enable flexible, pay-as-you-go business models that will alter the future of computing from mobile platforms and devices to the data center.

The impetus behind cloud computing is the ever-increasing demands placed on data centers that are near capacity and resource-constrained. These demands include growing needs to manage business growth and increase IT flexibility. In response to these challenges, cloud computing is evolving in the forms of both public clouds (deployed by Internet companies, telcos, hosting service providers, and others) and private or enterprise clouds (deployed by enterprises behind a firewall for an organization’s internal use).

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