Content Q and A: How to Engage Customers with Digital Content

Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local* and author of New York Times bestseller Likeable Social Media, shares how businesses of any size can create content that draws new customers and keeps existing customers engaged.

“As the vessel for content, the right technology delivers the content to the right people at the right times.”

--Dave Kerpen, Entrepreneur, and Author

Fresh, compelling content delivered across a mix of platforms is table stakes for a modern business. But if you’re not working with the latest computers, you’re missing an opportunity to establish credibility, boost visibility, nurture existing communities, and forge new relationships with killer content. Your videos, social media posts, blogs, and podcasts are a reflection of your business; so are the computers used to create it. Keep your technology current and your customers engaged.

In addition to using modern computers, businesses that succeed with content share certain qualities. We asked Kerpen about the key ingredients in winning content.

KERPEN: The SMBs who succeed with content are likeable. How so? Well, they have the same characteristics that make people likeable. They: 

Truly listen. By being interested, joining conversations, asking questions, and welcoming feedback.

Are helpful. With an audience-first mindset, they do what it takes to help others and make the world a better place. Their actions come from a kind and caring place.

Provide value. In the form of compelling content that educates, inspires, and entertains.

Are authentic. Because successful SMBs are transparent and real, people trust them. And trust is one of the most important goals of content creation.

Q: Surveys show 70 percent of small business owners do their own marketing1. In addition to using old devices, what are some common mistakes SMBs have about content creation?

A: People make a mistake when they expect results will happen fast. Building a successful social media presence with awesome content takes time and patience.

Another misconception is that results come with solely creating content. Success requires a commitment to actively forming and nurturing relationships. Being present and engaged are a must.

Q: How important is it for SMBs to have the right technology for content creation?

A: It’s very important. As the vessel for content, the right technology delivers the content to the right people at the right times. It also allows SMBs to understand the needs of their audiences. With technology, businesses create relevant content and give it the exposure that leads to increased brand awareness and growth.

Q: With one-third of all online activity spent watching video, should SMBs consider using video, if they are not currently?

A: Absolutely. Because video is visceral, it’s the present and future. By giving people incredible sensory experiences, it’s very immersive. Live video, especially, captures the moment. When events are broadcast in real time, people feel more connected with what’s happening. They’re able to see, hear, and feel the action. Consumers are more likely to buy online after watching a video.2

"Because video is visceral, it’s the present and future."

--Dave Kerpen, Entrepreneur, and Author

Q: The universe of content is expanding so quickly. Gone are the days when an SMB could check the content box with one blog a month. New devices allow for 360 video, gifs, podcasts, and live video streaming. What challenges do SMBs face when they attempt to engage communities with these modern media?  

A: A happy customer tells three people. An unhappy customer tells 3,000. Social networks give customers an avenue to share their experiences, including negative ones. There’s a vulnerability that comes with online word of mouth.

However, these same challenges make business better. SMBs can obtain valuable insights on how to improve. When people express dissatisfaction online, it’s an opportunity for business owners to resolve the issues and make them right. It’s also a way for businesses to demonstrate how they handle customer concerns, ideally quickly and proactively.

Q: What should be the goal of content created by SMBs?

A: The goal is to make a positive difference in a way that resonates. It’s to become a part of people’s lives by giving them reasons to love your business. Ultimately, you want to build a community of loyal brand advocates who believe in your mission as much as you do, and who become lifelong customers and advocates for you and your business!

Q: You built Likeable Local from the ground up. What is the most important lesson you learned about content creation that you can share with other SMBs?

A: Like building a business, persistence pays off. Patience and grit are essential to content creation success. You’ve got to put heart into it. It’s also important to bring passion to the process. It inspires strong content, which in turn inspires a strong social community. Like anything worth doing, it takes time to get it right. But when you do, you’ll reap many wonderful rewards.

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