Pro A/V Applications

Video Conferencing

Intel FPGAs enable video conferencing applications with a complete SoC solution, incorporating CODEC (for example, H.265), processing and connectivity in a single FPGA to provide minimal overall system latency and optimum performance. Flexible FPGAs enable multiple transceiver-based inputs and outputs, the integration of customized pre-process and post-process functions (ISPs, format conversion, color conversion, CODEC video conditioning, PiP mixing, graphic overlay, resizing, and so on), and the ability to work with external chips for additional connectivity or processing functionality.

A/V Networking

Intel® FPGAs support an extensive range (varying complexity, features, and application) of A/V networking products. Our connectivity portfolio enables multiple video interfaces giving the ultimate flexibility to input any video stream, conditioning, and compressing it to be sent over a cost-effective CAT5 cable. In a space traditionally dominated by proprietary standards, Intel’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio includes the latest market video over IP standards (SMPTE 2022 -1, -2 , -5, -6, -7, SMPTE 2059 -1, -2, eAVB, and SVIP TR-03/04). Furthermore, our diverse range of high compression and mezzanine CODEC and our extensive video processing IP enables the necessary customization to fit your application functional and performance requirements. 

Displays and Projection

Video walls and multiviewers are typical applications that use Intel’s scaling, clipping, and alpha blending and mixing IP blocks. Intel’s extensive connectivity intellectual property (IP) as well as the numerous high-speed transceivers in our devices enable a large variety of applications, from small to large, to be integrated in a single device. Furthermore, our IP portfolio offers the latest video over IP standards featuring the latest bandwidth and video quality functionality. Intel FPGAs provide the ultimate flexibility to meet any of your customers’ requirements in a market with many competing standards, such as High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), DisplayPort, serial digital interface (SDI), and video over IP. Intel FPGAs and SoCs are the perfect fit for single device integration of interfacing, video processing, and application software for expanded features and controlling functions such as menu rendering. 

Media Processing

Intel® FPGAs and SoCs provide the ultimate flexibility for any-to-any interfacing and any-to-any video formatting thanks to our extensive connectivity and video processing intellectual property (IP) as well as the numerous high-speed transceivers in our devices. Integrate legacy interfaces, scale and customize your solution with our off-the-shelf IP and state-of-the-art productivity tools while maintaining the highest video and audio quality. 

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